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Primal Quest - whitewater swimming - swim gear
$349 RipBoard BV Surfer, fins, tethers & backpack strap

whitewater swimming

RipBoard riverboards are the best for adventure racing - thanks to their body hugging design and superior handling ability in whitewater. The shape and weight of the BV Surfer (18 pounds) make it ideal for adventure racing. No other company has spent more time field testing this gear or had more racers use them for adventure racing from Balance Bar, to Endorphin Fix, to Beast of the East, to Untamed VA, to Primal Quest, to the Oyster Urban. - See other RipBoard models

A backpack strap designed for easy attachement and carrying is included along with fins. Made from the highest quality webbing, the strap is adjustable and includes a waist belt. Transferring the weight of the board to the hips via the waist strap is a huge advantage when racing and having to carry a board. The backpack strap easily folds into a small pouch that fits on your waist when riding the board.

BV Surfer ripboard $312 Smoke fins & tethers $45 Backpack strap $40
Racer ripboard Riverboarding fin Racer RipBoard with Backpack strap

credit card accepted
Call 1.866.311.2627 toll free
$349 - Primal Quest package (board, fins with tethers, & backpack strap)
* Shipping not included ($32 - continental USA)

A number of adventure racing teams including Strike Anywhere, Climb for a Cause, Team Mandatory Gear, Adventure Racing Concepts, and others used the Racer ripboard in Primal Quest 2006 Utah. The teams loved the boards and most wished the race included more whitewater as the Green River offered minor rapids. Big Sky, Montana is home to Primal Quest 2008 with 12 miles of Gallatin river in store.

Primal Quest Swim Gear (per person) with *Ripboard tips and suggestions:

1 Wetsuit - full 3mm wet suit OR 3 mm Farmer John with a dry top combo.

*100% SuperStretch neoprene full wetsuit with Glideskin neck, wrist, and ankle seals for mazimum movement, durability and watertight suit for warmth. Men's version is available in 3/2 and women's in 4/3.
Men's & Women's only $179
Mens Sizes: S,M,ML,L,XL,XXL
Womens Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

Shin, knee, elbow, thigh protection (i.e. rubber, commercial grade pads, etc.)
* Save some money with soccer shin guards and regular athletic knee pads - put pads on first so your wetsuit holds them in place and create less drag in the water. Big bulky pads are overkill and create significant drag. Downhill mountain biking pads work too as they are relatively thin - great if you already have them. The Racer protects your arms and elbows so these pads aren't necessary.

1 Pair Swim Fins with tethers

* Bigger fin = more power = more work (muscles along the top of your feet and around your ankles get hammered)... practice, practice, practice. A full leg kick is best - the bicyle crank motion doesn't! Smoke fins (pictured above) and bodyboard fins in general are better than scuba or strap-on fins.

1 Helmet: climbing helmet OK

1 Pair Neoprene Gloves

Paddle glove* Webbed gloves work best as you can use a swim stroke to maintain speed and save your legs in flat water.
2mm neoprene.
Sharkskin palm
Velco strap
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

1 Swim/boogie board, not to exceed 57" in length - may only be modified to include handles/straps for easy gripping.
* Inflatables and boogie boards are not recommended due to their lack of buoyancy and protection in whitewater rapids. Boards in excess of 40" long make it harder to kick as shorter riders must slide down the board to get a full, powerful kick. This may cause the rider to lose the board in whitewater rapids. Be prepared, make it easier on yourself - get a board that floats and protects you - a Racer.
 RipBoard Racer Specifications:
Length40" or 100cm
Width24" or 60cm
Weight 15 1bs
Pad colors Black, orange, red, teal, purple or blue
Board colors Black, orange or blue

1 Whistle attached to life jacket

2 Commercial grade throw bags

1 Waterproof bag for gear

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