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Columbus Day Sale RipBoard riverboarding package deal
$492 BV Surfer or Classic model ripboard, helmet, wetsuit, fins, booties & case (limited Qty: 3 left, $900 value)

whitewater swimming

Easy way to save some $$$ and get started riverboarding. RipBoard riverboards are the best riverboards available - thanks to their body hugging design and superior handling ability in whitewater. The shape and weight of the Classic (heavier riders) or BV Surfer model makes for an ideal riverboarding experience

A durable Pro-Tec helmet and 3.5ml 1piece wetsuit provide warmth and protection for a more comfortable whitewater adventure. Fins and booties are a must in any situation. The carrying case is uniquely designed for easy luggage and gear handling all-in one. Made from the highest quality materials with lifetime warranty, our cases are made by Undercover Cases.

BV Surfer RipBoard $349 Smoke fins $55 Board Case $99
Racer ripboard Riverboarding fin Racer RipBoard with Backpack strap

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$492 - RipBoard package deal
* Shipping not included ($71 - continental USA)


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